2015 Pinot Noir

B rimming over with sumptuous red fruit, fragrant orange peel, plum, leather and warm potpourri spices-this lightly-colored Pinot brings more to the table than it lets on. As per normal, perceived sweetness, acid and alcohol shift over the life of the bottle, and early on it comes across as a touch sweet; yet once on its feet, it becomes clear the supple body is a sturdy canvas for vivid flavor. The window of optimal enjoyment is long.


Double Gold

2017 Oregon Wine Awards

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2017 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

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Tasting Notes:

Fruit & Floral:
Raspberry, orange peel, cherry, plum and orange blossom perfume.

Spice, Herbal, Vegetal:
Clove, cinnamon and warm potpourri spices

Oak, Earth & Umami:
Lambskin leather, hazelnut, chestnut and oak spice